Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Government Can

You don't need to worry about running your own affairs...the government can!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kitchen Sink to Run for GOP State Executive Committee in 4th District

When the the news that Claiborne Countian Daniel Redmond had qualified for the ballot to stand for in most of the counties of the 4th Senate District and New Market resident John Cummins had also qualified (but is strangely absent) along with myself and Hobart Rice, I said to Nicole that it seemed that everyone had gotten into the race for a volunteer position of service to the Republican Party except for the kitchen sink.

Of late it seems that perhaps Kitchen Sink has qualified to stand for the Republican State Executive Committee in the 4th District.

Kitchen Sink

Of course the idea that I might actually be elected to serve on the State Executive Committee proves so heinous in certain establishment quarters that candidates considered to oppose me also included Batman, Cobra Commander, Jack Daniel, Eddie Van Halen, Enya, and former British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock ("We're alright!").

It was also rumored that Dr. Frankenstein was going to be brought in to attempt to cause either William Gannaway Brownlow or former Lord Protector of England Oliver Cromwell to return to life as zombies in order to stand on the ballot for the Executive Committee to decrease my chances of election.

Johnny Knoxville refused to stand upon request.

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Bredesen Doesn't Get It

The Bredesen Administration tries to screw farmers and small landowners again:

The biggest expense when you raise your own chickens for eggs is the feed. For new hatchlings, you need chick starter. When a hen first starts laying, it is best to give enriched feed designed to produce sturdier, heartier eggshells. Good feed won't break the bank, but it isn't cheap, either. Until the Honorable Phil Governor and his Revenue Commissioner Reagan "
Run for the Border" Farr started looking for more ways to strafe the wallets of taxpayers in the last two years of Democratic control in Nashville (2006-2008), we could get an an exemption from paying State sales tax for our chicken feed at our local Farmers' Co-op because it was being used in food production. Now we can't because Phil Governor says we don't own enough land that is in agricultural production.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Governor Says Proposed Tax Hike Is Not A Tax Hike

The Honorable Phil Governor wants to raise taxes:

No decent employer wants to tell their employees that they need to cut their salaries or cut their jobs, and I suspect Governor Bredesen is no different in this regard. However, both Bredesen and the Democrats in the General Assembly forget that the majority of Tennesseans do not work for the State, and that in asking the Legislature to lift the sales tax cap the Governor is asking for the citizens of Tennessee to pay for State employees to keep the same pay that they have while many Tennesseans in the private sector have seen their pay cut in order that their companies can afford to keep them.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle Of the Tims

Tim Hutchison's big problem in the Knox County Mayor's race:

Observing the Knox County race from a bit of a distance, I have been surprised at how little I have heard from Tim Hutchison. Both of these candidates have strong positives-Burchett his years of experience in the General Assembly, Hutchison his years of experience in Knox County law enforcement and dealing with a county government that has often been hostile to him. However, in this election cycle Hutchison seems unable to connect with voters, all monetary issues aside. His very public personal financial problems being splashed all over the News-Sentinel hasn't helped his campaign either. Even that, however, can't alone defeat Hutchison. People unfortunately remember the nightmare of January 31, 2007 and-rightly or wrongly-many Knox Countians blame Tim Hutchison for what happened that day (I understand this as a former Knox Countian with many connections in Knox County). I have always thought that Hutchison was unfairly plastered with much of the blame as part of a propaganda hit by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and his henchmen. Nonetheless, Tim Hutchison's presence in the room that day didn't help his reputation.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why We Need to Elect the Tennessee Attorney General

The Tennessee Attorney General has given us the best case for electing that post:

Is Attorney General Cooper telling us that the Attorneys General of 13 States are all mad? To listen to some people talk about this legislation and about attempts by various States to fight the federal health care boondoggle in court, one would think that opposition to the health care bill is treasonous and that some cataclysm is imminent whereby the nation will be plunged into the abyss if the offending States are not brought into line.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Frustrated Legislators

Perhaps the frustration we thought was coming last year in the Tennessee House of Representatives is showing up this year:

It may be that the frustration which we expected to see last year has made its appearance this year instead. Democrats are beginning to come to the realization that the 107th General Assembly is likely to have fewer members of their party, making it less likely that they'll be able to influence who the next Speaker of the House is without a coalition. Republicans meanwhile are becoming frustrated with the slow pace of the legislative session since they can't raise campaign money while it is underway and both their primary opponents (if they have them) and any Democrats who they may have to face in November are busy having a field day campaigning, attempting to make the perceived Republican edge disappear by November.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Divine Mercy Sunday

On this Sunday of commemoration of Our Lord's Divine Mercy, here is the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

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