Friday, September 03, 2010

PODCAST: Straight Talk with Story

Listen to our thoughts on the 2010 Elections and Murphreesboro mosque.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Supporting But Not Endorsing?

There are times in an election year when politicians best not speak:

Beth Harwell is a former Tennessee Republican Chairman, so she knows that appearances matter in an election year, especially one in which your party has the opportunity to do rather well. It is really fine for Harwell to voice her personal support for Senator Henry to Doug Henry, but any appearances of a party that is not united is something that the mainstream news media can and will exploit to try and benefit the Democrats as a whole. Mentioning anything about a personal preference that would not favor the Republican nominee allows the press to paint Republicans as disunited, however much of an exaggeration that might be.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

He's Coming To Take You Away...

Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist is the Democrats' new boogeyman:

There is another political leader, however, who turns as many stomachs among Tennesseans as Obama-former Republican Governor Don Sundquist, who gave us the last serious attempt to initiate an income tax in this State. So powerful is disgust with Sundquist that Bill Haslam has thus far refused to mention Sundquist's name despite his family's historic support of the former Governor, and is instead attempting to wrap himself in the image of his opponent's father and of the current Governor. Meanwhile, the Democrats are attempting to gain political traction by shouting "Don Sundquist, Don Sundquist, Don Sundquist," as though Sundquist is the boogey man who is coming to a house near you to eat children.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Build Or Not To Build

Why those people protesting the building of a mosque in Murphreesboro are not being consistent:

We know that the mainstream press deliberately looks for the worst and most negative stereotypical examples of opposition to things like construction of mosque to attempt to paint all of those concerned about the growth in the Muslim population in predominantly Christian parts of our country as bigots or worse. However, the reality is that the views expressed by Mr. Hopson and Ms. Kelly in The Tennessean are widely-held, and for some reason these people actually believe that the government has any power whatsoever to stop the building of a mosque or any kind of house of worship solely because of the kind of religion being espoused at that place of worship. No government authority in the United States of America has that kind of authority, nor should they-because if a mosque can be banned, so can any church that it is determined could be a "threat" to the established order.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

What Were They Thinking?

Did the person or people who burned the equipment being used to construct a mosque in Murphreesboro over the weekend believe they were somehow aiding in the Christian cause?:

If the imbacile(s) responsible for doing this were familiar with Islam at all, they would know that if there are any anti-American or anti-Western extremists who attend the mosque in Murphreesboro, those individuals have just been given an excuse to engage in jihad against the local community because their place of worship has been attacked. If there are not extremists there, you have attacked a group which contains some folks for whom Tennessee is the only home they have ever known. We might ask ourselves how we would feel if a Muslim who harbored hatred against Christians and Christianity-and yes, there are plenty of Muslims like that in the world-set fire to one of our churches in this State, or committed arson by torching construction equipment being used to build a church? Christians would be hurt, angry, and feel a great deal of justifiable outrage.

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