Friday, August 05, 2011

"Don't Blame Me-HE Did It!"

It isn't the President's fault-everyone else is to blame but him:

Many of our rural East Tennessee counties are aching for the development that isn't there, and the jobs that citizens used to have-even just a few short years ago. Even Wall Street seems to notice that things aren't getting any better, as Thursday's Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 513 points on the day, in what one observer told The Wall Street Journal was "an absolute bloodbath." A world debt crisis-including continued fears about our own national debt-was one of the factors in yesterday's market nosedive, along with the worsening health of the general economy. One retiree told The Journal that in yesterday's trading his retirement was "going to Hell." As a so-called double-dip recession comes closer to reality, the President, who is no longer able to blame his predecessor for his inability to deal with the national debt or inspire confidence in our currency, has now taken to blaming Congress-in spite of the reality that his own party still controls 2/3rds of the governing apparatus.

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Thursday, August 04, 2011


Many in the GOP are beginning to unite against a dangerous and subversive proposal that would literally ignore the Constitution's defined amendment process:

The campaign which supporters of this legislation are organizing appears to counter arguments against it within conservative internet outlets using an automated AOL/AIM-based system to feed the same routine arguments, which were often repetitive, through to comment boxes, as appeared to have to be the case every time this columnist wrote about the issue in late May and early June of this year. Of those who did give real, non-anonymous, non-repetitive, and reasoned arguments in favor of the NPV legislation, most of those were Democrats or Democratic sympathizers-which certainly lends credence to the idea that despite the occasional trotting out of our former Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tennessee), and moderate RNC member Saul Anuzis of union-dominated Michigan, the "National Popular Vote" organization is largely a creature of the Left, receiving the backing of neo-Marxists such as the billionaire George Soros-one of Barack Obama's major supporters.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Where Credit Is Due

Tennessee Congressional Representatives Chuck Fleischmann and Scott DesJarlais deserve some real credit:

Two of Tennessee's Republican freshmen-the above-mentioned DesJarlais, and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Chattanooga, voted "NO" on the debt ceiling increase on Monday (NOTE: Despite the bill caption on the House roll in regards to the Education Sciences Reform Act, this was the debt ceiling vote in the House-S. 365). Neither man would have been in much political danger if they had voted in favor, so one has to believe that they voted against raising the debt ceiling because they each believed that voting against a debt ceiling was the right thing to do. What a novel idea for modern politics...

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Is Default A Big Deal?

In the midst of some Tennessee reaction to the debt ceiling agreement/arrangement, Ken Marrero discovered something interesting about default:

Meanwhile, Nashville area blogger and conservative activist Ken Marrero has discovered in his research that, lo and behold, America's biggest debt-holder, the People's Republic of China, defaulted on its old debts and apparently remains in default, yet that nation is in an increasing position to challenge America's place as the guarantor of global hegemony. China survives, so could America have survived "default," and did we act too soon?

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Debt Ceiling Hits Home?

Is the debt ceiling deal reached in Washington last night going to be good for Tennessee? We still don't know:

What might such a development mean for Tennessee, where we have had to balance our budget by trying to rein-in health care costs by cutting people from the State's expanded Medicaid program, TennCare? It might drive more people on to Medicaid through no fault of their own, and force Tennessee to foot a large chunk of the bill. Since this agreement actually allows for the President's Health Care Law to take effect on schedule, Tennessee taxpayers might get left holding the bag if one of the end results of this compromise ends up dramatically increasing the Medicaid rolls so that the President can guarantee "universal health coverage." Tennessee's Congressmen should insure in the weeks ahead as the final details are hammered out that Tennessee and many other States are not left holding the budgetary bag for what appears to be as reasonable a compromise as we might obtain in the present political climate.

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