Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm With Kleinheider

The latest victim of the mainstream press attempt to baselessly pick on conservatives has made Tennessee's most venerable blogger a target:

This writer admits that he has a bias, because like so many bloggers and op-ed writers in Tennessee who have used the internet as a primary vehicle to get their message out to their fellow Tennesseans, and even a national and global audience, he knows A.C. Kleinheider. Before Kleinheider was ever a part of the Lieutenant Governor's staff, he was a blogger first-and was paid to do it. First at Nashville's WKRN, then at the Nashville Post, blogging and aggregating at Post Politics. Kleinheider was the voice of the Tennessee political blogosphere, and no one understands new media the way that A.C. does. Other staffers on both sides of the aisle have admitted that they have had trouble with the lines between State business and the political in positions that are-well, so overtly political.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Prison Vote

Prisoners may have decided an important Nashville Metro Council Election:

Current law states that someone who is incarcerated and who hasn't formally lost their voting rights must vote by absentee ballot, but that two election judges have to be witnesses to the act, and that at least seven days before Election Day, these judges go to the prison, observe the incarcerated person vote, and then must personally take the ballot to the Post Office. There is, of course, no potential for voter fraud there (sarcasm mine).

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Davidson's Districts

Democrats in Nashville are concerned that Davidson County could be split in the new Congressional reapportionment:

While The Tennessean, which was for many years a print media organ of the Tennessee Democratic Party, is trying to argue that Davidson County should not be split, a more appropriate question might be: Why should Davidson County not be split during reapportionment? If the goal is not aggressively partisan districts, but constituencies which are as representative of political reality as possible, then it is true that Davidson Countians who don't live in Nashville proper have been under-represented for years, and that is especially the case with the Metropolitan Government configuration in Davidson County. Democrats have the run of the Metro City-County government, and have since the days that separate county government was abolished in the County of Davidson and replaced with consolidation.

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Monday, September 05, 2011

Suppressing Illegal Voters

Tennessee Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester is afraid that Tennessee's new voter identification law will suppress Democratic turnout among illegal voters:

When we hear Democrats use code-words like "suppress turnout", they really mean that they can't enhance turnout with the constituency groups most likely to be automatic Democratic votes on Election Day, which is why Chip Forrester and his cronies despise the new voter identification law. The groups who would be denied access to the polls-thus "depressing" the turnout-include illegal aliens, those not resident in the precinct in which they are attempting to vote, non-residents of Tennessee, and those which are known no longer to animate this mortal coil

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