Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Recruiting soldiers in the Army of the Lord

Nothing in the world gives me greater joy than to give someone a more firm knowledge of the truth. I met a young lady via the internet this morning who needed just that kind of assistance. She is engaged to a young man, a self-identified Protestant, who has decided that he and his future bride would enter Methodism, for no other apparent reason than he refuses to accept his fiancee's Catholicism, nor allow for his children to be reared within the barque of Peter. The young lady in question, however, secretly would love to avoid this lapse into schism.

An ecclesiastical rescue of the most dire proportions was in order, so I quickly e-mailed her a list of the best entry-level spiritual and theological treatises I could find from Catholic Answers. I learned in a hurry that she had forgotten much of her childhood catechesis, and I do not know how much she actually knew about the Church. She seemed amazed as I tried to explain in the easiest way I knew how, the unchanging truths of the faith. She also seemed hungry for answers. I really hope the reading list I gave her helped supply those answers...perhaps she can become the latest soldier in the Lord's Army of Truth!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Poor Anglican souls

God help the Anglican Communion, or more specifically God help its offshoot, the Episcopal Church, USA. As the reader may know, the Anglican Communion is the result of the schism of Henry VIII because of the Church's refusal to grant him the privilege of an annulment from his lawful wife, Catherine of Aragon.

What was born in sin has now lapsed into the bowels of Hell. Not only do the Episcopalians in America freely ordain KNOWN practicing sodomites, but they apparently want to grant them the Sacrament of Matrimony. Since Matrimony meant nothing to Henry VIII, it follows logically that lawful matrimony ought to mean little to his spiritual offspring. (As we can see, it means little to HRH The Prince of Wales, Anglicanism's future titular head.)

There are some Anglican/Epicopalians around the world who are speaking out against these evils, especially from Africa and other parts of the Third World. Thanks to an Anglican friend of mine, (who I have tried for years to lead into the Church's bosom), I even found an online Yahoo Group of so-called "orthodox Epicopalians" who are against these changes in their tradition. Their theological views run the gambit from those who are nearly to their senses, and ready to come home, to one person whose hatred for the Church is so pronounced that they post from the Westminster Confession, a document brimming with loathing for the Holy See. (The Westminster Confession is so bad that it almost makes the reader want to burn the writers.)

Poor souls all. They have not yet learned that a "church" born in schism and sin will produce more schism and worse sins perpetually. I pray for each one of them!

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