Friday, July 01, 2011

Common Sense...

Our legislators need to rely less on staff lawyers for constitutional interpretations and more on their own good sense:

It was a State Attorney-more precisely a legislative staff attorney-who thought it was fine for the budget to be changed on the word of one or two legislators after it was passed because of fear of a lawsuit. State lawyers can't bother to bluntly tell the General Assembly that if they pass a law that governs what pictures people may put on their individual internet sites, and declares that if someone feels "harassed" by a picture or image that this may be seen as violating free speech rights. We must change the wording to protect Planned Barrenhood, but woe be unto free speech and freedom of the press.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shuler For AD?

Is Heath Shuler coming back to Knoxville?:

As many Tennesseans might know, the University of Tennessee is actively searching for a new Director of Athletics with the resignation of the outgoing Athletic Director, Mike Hamilton. Many Vols fans have clamored for Hamilton's removal for a very long time, and now the only debate remaining over Hamilton's tenure is whether he truly left voluntarily, or was instead shown the door in the gentle way-Hamilton does remain a popular figure with some Vols fans. The search for Mike Hamilton's replacement seems to have shown its light on a source that would otherwise be considered off the table-former Tennessee quarterback and current North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler (D).

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facing Debt Reality

It is time to face reality on the federal debt limit:

This writer isn't sure that the federal debt limit should be raised at all. Fears that the United States may default on their debt, and what may subsequently happen as a result, are very real. By simply raising the debt limit every time the Union faces default, we do nothing but delay the inevitable. Putting off default may keep the economic and and political consequences at bay for now, but without radical reductions in federal spending, default will still eventually come upon us at some point. When it finally happens, will it be worse for the country because we simply put it off to avoid the consequences?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ACLU Gets One Right For A Change

The ACLU has taken a case that actually has something to do with civil liberty:

The ACLU is not only right in this case, they deserve congratulations for being willing to take a real civil liberties case, not just a controversial headline-grabber that has little to do with the cause of freedom. If the ACLU would fight more cases such as the harassment law, they'd get a great deal more in the way of public support in a more conservative State like our own.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tight Budgeting

Other Tennessee county governments could learn a thing or two from Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett:

Mayor Tim Burchett's way to fund a new school isn't a tax increase or a reduction in services, but selling properties that the county doesn't need. Rather than look for "traditional" ways to pay for school improvements and capital projects, Mayor Burchett is trying to use a little quick thinking and innovation, so that neither consumers nor property owners are overburdened.

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