Thursday, June 02, 2005

There is hope for marriage

I couldn't resist one last post today, this time of a very sentimental nature. There is truly hope that Matrimony is not dead as an institution, as we could all learn a thing or two from Percy and Florence Arrowsmith, the couple from England who now holds the record for having the world's longest-lasting marriage, 80 years. They say their secret is a glass of sherry every day at lunch, a whiskey in the evenings, and never being unwilling to say "I'm sorry."

God Bless these people for the life-long example they have lived, now for all the world to see.


Just a note to let readers know that Nicole and I will be traveling to Tennessee this afternoon in order to attend the wedding of Nicole's cousin, Charlie, which is this Saturday. We plan to spend Friday looking at properties and possible living quarters. As things develop, I will post more here about our possible future move and housing situation as more details become available.

Of course, as a result of taking a long weekend and being out of town, there will be no web log entry for Friday.

Welcome Bill Schulke

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome an old friend of mine, Bill Schulke, to the roll of blogs and links here at the World. Bill and I have been friends and associates going back to my days in Dayton, when we used to take lunch together each day at the old Faculty Dining Room at Wright State. It's great to have Bill aboard!

Dutch say "nah baby nah" to EU Constitution

The Dutch have rejected the EU Constitution in overwhelming fashion. Over 61% of voters in the Netherlands have said "no" to the EU, while just over 38% agreed to the treaty. By any stretch, the poll is a landslide, and it renders the EU Constitution all but dead.

It is true that the Dutch largely rejected the treaty for liberal reasons as opposed to conservative ones, as discussed here in the entries a couple of days ago in regard to the French result on the same question. However, in the end the real question was one of national sovereignty, and a new generation in Europe, free from the political shackles of World War II, seems to have decided that, despite whatever other crazy ideas they might have about modernism and progressivism, this national sovereignty thing that their great-grandparents had was pretty groovy.

There is little question that the Masters of Europe in Brussels will try to repackage the European Union and the notion of a "United States of Europe" under a different name. Perhaps people in Europe have finally gotten wise to the fact that their Brussels masters cannot be trusted, and they will continue to reject these ridiculous treaties in order to save their own national identities.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hooker put Woodward in touch with Deep Throat

G. Gordon Liddy has said that Bob Woodward gained his connection with Deep Throat via John Dean's former prostitute wife. Talk about sordid....

Now how did she know Woodward to put him in touch with the FBI guy who was running a prostitution sting...One who had confidential information regarding the President?

Do we really want further details here?

Liddy: John Dean's wife was call girl

The wife of John Dean, Elizabeth Beiner Dean, was a prostitute before she married the President's Chief Counsel, G. Gordon Liddy has said. Apparently, the future Mrs. Dean willingly participated in an FBI undercover operation whose goal was to bust the very call girl ring that she was involved in. Apparently, the woman had a special relationship with the Counsel to President Nixon...she would eventually become his wife.

According to Liddy, who was one of President Nixon's Watergate "plumbers," the Madame of the whore house in which Mrs. Dean worked could be seen in the Dean wedding photos!

Mrs. Dean's superior in the FBI investigation, which was occurring across from the Watergate hotel: W. Mark Felt.


G. Gordon Liddy: Says John Dean's wife was a prostitute, and was part of a sting of a call girl ring . "Deep Throat" was allegedly leading the investigation into the call girl ring, which was taking place across from the Watergate Apartments.

Kissinger: Felt not a hero

Henry Kissinger has told the Associated Press that Mark Felt was not a hero.

Kissinger: "I don't see anything heroic about this. I think he is a very mentally troubled man."

Deep Throat revealed

Anyone who has been following the news over the last day now knows that the man known to the world only as "Deep Throat," taking the code name of a popular pornographic film of the 1970's, has chosen to make himself known to the world via an upcoming article in Vanity Fair. Deep Throat was Mark Felt, who was the Number Two man at the FBI during Nixon's second term. As an FBI man, Felt had access to all kinds of confidential information, and he revealed much of it to Bob Woodward and Leonard Bernstein of The Washington Post. Felt's family says the 91-year-old chose to talk now so that he might be remembered with some lasting legacy. Family members say they see Felt as a hero, and understandably so.

Was Mark Felt really a hero, or was he a rat who jeopardized the confidentiality of a sensitive federal investigation and the credibility of the FBI? Many people feel that he was the latter, after all, this is the same man who was once convicted of planting evidence, called "black-bag jobs," in order to insure that members of the infamous Weather Underground were brought to justice. Felt was later pardoned for his crimes by President Reagan.

The FBI has access to all kinds of sensitive information, much of which the G-Men are pledged to keep secret in order to preserve the sanctity of investigations and the dignity of the FBI. The FBI may have information on you, dear reader, and you would never even know it. Thus, the question can be raised that if Mr. Felt can reveal such sensitive information, put a federal investigation in jeopardy, as well as jeopardize the FBI, and be seen as a hero, is any secret safe at the FBI?

G. Gordon Liddy rightly pointed out that the right thing for Felt to do would have been to take the sensitive information to the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington, and ask for a Grand Jury to be convened in secret in order to decide whether indictments were warranted. Likely, indictments would have happened, and the rest of the course of history would have remained the same. Felt, however, seems to have had an agenda of his own. He was passed over to be the new Director of the FBI after the death of J. Edgar Hoover, and he was angry about it. Felt's anger over not being made FBI Director likely contributed to his decision to play the rat. What this really goes to show is that the loyalty of some people is only maintained by giving them what they want, and if they are not successfully bought, they'll sell out even the very principles they have sworn to uphold.

Is Mark Felt a hero or just a sell-out rat? My jury is still out on that question...

Deep Throat

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Malone update

A couple of weeks ago, I made an entry here on the case of Republican Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone and the controversy surrounding his alleged abuse of his son. Today's Enquirer has an in-depth profile of Malone and the situation that seems to be very fair and balanced.

Breakdown of the French vote

Here's a political map with a breakdown of the French oui et non votes on the European Union Constitution. Does this breakdown into red and blue look familar?

Major urban areas in blue, including a chunk of ile-de-France, the area around Paris. Blue around the coasts and red in the middle. The more people are different, the more they are the same...

French reject EU Constitution in fit of sanity

In an unusual fit of collective national sanity, the French dealt a strong national blow to the aspirations of the proponents of the New World Order by rejecting the proposed European Constitution, a document that was designed to supersede national laws and give the Continent a European super-state. Proponents of the European Union have long said that the European Constitution is a necessity so that Europe can compete on an equal footing economically and socially with the United States. What many of us actually believe is that the EU is really a part of a larger plan to divide the world into economic blocs in order to make it more easy to govern collectively. Put more simply, the EU, NAFTA (soon to become CAFTA), the African Union, and the proposed Asian trade bloc are really designed to destroy national borders and sovereignty, and place governmental authority in the hands of supra-national bodies as opposed to the governments of nation-states.

On the surface, of course, those European nations which choose to reject the EU Constitution have different reasons for doing so. Many in France feared greater economic integration, while the Dutch, set to go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to ratify the EU Constitution, actually seem fearful that further integration with countries such as heavily Catholic Poland or Ireland, where abortion and euthanasia are illegal, will threaten their own (loony) laws, which not only allow for the murder of the unborn and the killing of the aged, but make many illicit drugs legal, and have made the Netherlands a center of the world-wide drug trade.

Whether countries are giving the proposed Constitution the boot for good reasons or bad ones, the central question is the same in either case: "Do we want some outside power telling us how we will be governed and do business?" Increasingly, as people are being forced to weigh the consequences of the New World Order, the answer to that question is becoming increasingly obvious as well: No. In order to make the Brave New World where the nation does not matter a reality, the cultural elites who want it must get people to approve of it. What these same elites are being shown is the reality that the "sheeple" that they took for granted as blind followers in their Grand Vision are not nearly as stupid as had been initially believed.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Some gave all

Just a brief note to inform everyone that I enjoyed some great homemade barbecue, baked beans, pasta salad, and corn bread on Memorial Day. This ability was brought to me in part by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who are presently serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and all over the globe, as well as by those who, from 1775 on, have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and liberty.

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