Tuesday, May 31, 2005

French reject EU Constitution in fit of sanity

In an unusual fit of collective national sanity, the French dealt a strong national blow to the aspirations of the proponents of the New World Order by rejecting the proposed European Constitution, a document that was designed to supersede national laws and give the Continent a European super-state. Proponents of the European Union have long said that the European Constitution is a necessity so that Europe can compete on an equal footing economically and socially with the United States. What many of us actually believe is that the EU is really a part of a larger plan to divide the world into economic blocs in order to make it more easy to govern collectively. Put more simply, the EU, NAFTA (soon to become CAFTA), the African Union, and the proposed Asian trade bloc are really designed to destroy national borders and sovereignty, and place governmental authority in the hands of supra-national bodies as opposed to the governments of nation-states.

On the surface, of course, those European nations which choose to reject the EU Constitution have different reasons for doing so. Many in France feared greater economic integration, while the Dutch, set to go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to ratify the EU Constitution, actually seem fearful that further integration with countries such as heavily Catholic Poland or Ireland, where abortion and euthanasia are illegal, will threaten their own (loony) laws, which not only allow for the murder of the unborn and the killing of the aged, but make many illicit drugs legal, and have made the Netherlands a center of the world-wide drug trade.

Whether countries are giving the proposed Constitution the boot for good reasons or bad ones, the central question is the same in either case: "Do we want some outside power telling us how we will be governed and do business?" Increasingly, as people are being forced to weigh the consequences of the New World Order, the answer to that question is becoming increasingly obvious as well: No. In order to make the Brave New World where the nation does not matter a reality, the cultural elites who want it must get people to approve of it. What these same elites are being shown is the reality that the "sheeple" that they took for granted as blind followers in their Grand Vision are not nearly as stupid as had been initially believed.


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