Friday, May 27, 2005

Barbecue and Churchills among friends

Last night, my long-time friend Jason Howard and I dined on barbecue at Burbank's for one last time. Jason has been a dear friend and a trusted ally for many years, and we wanted to have one last dinner of political and religious discussion between the two of us before my anticipated move.

After dinner, we drank a whiskey(he had a whiskey sour, while I had a Jack and Coke), and puffed on an H. Upmann Churchill cigar while we discussed our political and career prospects for the future, and where we'd ultimately both like to be. Somehow, I anticipate that at some point down the road, we'll be working closely together on something extremely impotant for our society. I don't know when or how that will happen, but I believe that it will.

Life doesn't get much better than an H. Upmann, Tennessee whiskey, and old friends.


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