Friday, May 20, 2005

Liberals survive-Canada may not

Well, things in the Canadian House of Commons went down exactly as I predicted, and the Speaker of the House broke the tie. The Liberal Government, which we have referred to here as a dictatorship, managed to survive by bribing now-former members of the Opposition with Cabinet posts and wooing an independent MP with claims that his "no" vote on the budget would hand greater political influence to separatists in Quebec.

Bribery and slick talk is how leftists the world over, in whatever country they are to be found, manage to survive and thrive.

I have another more long term prediction, however: Confederation in Canada is now in grave danger, and Canada as a nation may not survive the present upheaval. The reason is twofold:

First, it is almost inevitable that whenever an election is finally held, the Bloc Quebecois will gain even more seats in Quebec, I predict that in the next Parliament they will have between 62 and 64 seats. I also believe that the Parti Quebecois will win next year's provincial election by an overwhelming margin, and while the political iron remains hot, the new PQ Government there will call a Sovereignty referendum. This time, amid years of Liberal corruption, that referendum will pass with around 54 percent, and Quebec will declare independence from Canada.

After Quebec secedes, Ontario would then dominate the Government even further, because Ontario would then possess a majority of the seats in Parliament. Short of a complete national electoral realignment, this setup will anger Western provinces to such a degree that Alberta will then separate, followed by Saskatchewan, Manitoba may separate, but whether it does or not, both the Maritimes (Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick), and British Columbia would be cut off from Ontario by Quebec and the conceivable new Western political entity. This would force a number of hard political decisions, and Canada as we know it could cease to exist.


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