Thursday, May 19, 2005

Judicial politics

The saga of judicial obstructionism continues to develop, as Mike DeWine, my increasingly poor excuse for a Republican U.S. Senator, joins other so-called "moderate" (read: sellout) Republicans in trying to negotiate a deal with Democrats to avoid a showdown in the Senate over judicial filibusters next week.

Even many of the Republicans in the "moderate" group don't seem to be going for this proposal either. The fact is that most Republicans in both houses of Congress know that we have to fight to the death over this issue of judges, because we have to be able push the President's nominees for the Supreme Court through when it is time to appoint them. Failure to do so would likely mean that the base qould stay home in the General Election next year. The Democrats know this, which is why this will turn into an all out "war on the floor".

Control of Congress after 2006 could be at stake.


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