Thursday, May 19, 2005

Canada Liberals bribe their way to survival

Today is the day in Ottawa that the decision will be made as to whether the Liberal Party dictatorship will survive. As much as one hates to see it, it now appears that it will do so thanks to the bribery of Mr. Martin. As described in previous posts, we've discussed how Martin managed, through his intermediaries, to bribe Conservative MP Belinda Stronach with a cabinet post. It didn't take much to bribe Stronach, as she is a spoiled billionaire heiress who is a college dropout. In Stronach's mind, she is entitled to a Leadership post, and when no one would accept her in the Conservative Party, she used the opportunity of an impending budget and confidence vote to bolt the party, and punish it for electing Stephen Harper as Leader instead of her.

Martin has been desperate enough to send his cronies to try and bribe other, more principled Conservatives with cabinet posts in order to shore up votes. As these allegations come out, one has to wonder how they have affected the minds of the two undecided independent MPs. As of yesterday, the Liberals appeared to have bought Chuck Cadman, the one independent they needed, but that was before further allegations of attempts by Martin's Government to bribe Liberals, right down to evidence on tape.

I think Cadman will probably go with the Liberals and their government, unfortunately, will survive.

The vote prediction on the budget amendment:


The Speaker of the House of Commons breaks the tie.


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