Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dutch say "nah baby nah" to EU Constitution

The Dutch have rejected the EU Constitution in overwhelming fashion. Over 61% of voters in the Netherlands have said "no" to the EU, while just over 38% agreed to the treaty. By any stretch, the poll is a landslide, and it renders the EU Constitution all but dead.

It is true that the Dutch largely rejected the treaty for liberal reasons as opposed to conservative ones, as discussed here in the entries a couple of days ago in regard to the French result on the same question. However, in the end the real question was one of national sovereignty, and a new generation in Europe, free from the political shackles of World War II, seems to have decided that, despite whatever other crazy ideas they might have about modernism and progressivism, this national sovereignty thing that their great-grandparents had was pretty groovy.

There is little question that the Masters of Europe in Brussels will try to repackage the European Union and the notion of a "United States of Europe" under a different name. Perhaps people in Europe have finally gotten wise to the fact that their Brussels masters cannot be trusted, and they will continue to reject these ridiculous treaties in order to save their own national identities.


At Saturday, June 11, 2005 11:33:00 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

I wander greatly that the Dutch and the French rejected the EU. so-called constitution at all. Europe is all but dead; and, it would seem the Masters of this mass killing over at Brustles felt the time was right to press ahead with the final stroke; but then, there comes now this surprise from one hater of America and one country wherein killing the old appears now to be rampint and next, (perhaps) the blind and disabled as well; hence the great surprise! Does it not appear that Great Britain, immoral as her people are fast becoming, are the most vocal yet in their opposition to this European Union? It would as yet appear so to me. .


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