Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Liddy: John Dean's wife was call girl

The wife of John Dean, Elizabeth Beiner Dean, was a prostitute before she married the President's Chief Counsel, G. Gordon Liddy has said. Apparently, the future Mrs. Dean willingly participated in an FBI undercover operation whose goal was to bust the very call girl ring that she was involved in. Apparently, the woman had a special relationship with the Counsel to President Nixon...she would eventually become his wife.

According to Liddy, who was one of President Nixon's Watergate "plumbers," the Madame of the whore house in which Mrs. Dean worked could be seen in the Dean wedding photos!

Mrs. Dean's superior in the FBI investigation, which was occurring across from the Watergate hotel: W. Mark Felt.


G. Gordon Liddy: Says John Dean's wife was a prostitute, and was part of a sting of a call girl ring . "Deep Throat" was allegedly leading the investigation into the call girl ring, which was taking place across from the Watergate Apartments.


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