Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Rocket Science

The way Democrats are reacting to Tennessee's new voter ID law, you would think we passed a law banning Democrats from voting altogether:

It would be one thing if the State of Tennessee enacted a law which said you had to have an identification card to vote and you have to pay to get one. Yes, under the new law your driver's license counts as an acceptable form of identification, and you do have to pay for those-but that is for the privilege to drive, not to vote. If you don't drive, you can get an ID card free of charge to you. That's right boys and girls, you do not have to pay under our law in Tennessee to receive an identification card that will verify you as a Tennessee resident who is legally entitled to vote. If, because you don't drive, you can't make it to your local County Clerk's office of your own accord, get in touch with the Tennessee Secretary of State's office or the Tennessee Department of Safety, and those people will give you directions on how you can get an ID card that will allow you to vote in all of next year's elections.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making the Carter Administration Look Appealing

So much for hope and change:

News Sentinel columnist Greg Johnson, who can rightly be termed that paper's resident conservative, points out in his column today (which mysteriously has yet to appear online as of this writing) has yet to that the poverty rate in Jefferson County-where this writer makes his home-is an astounding 20.2%. Literally one in five of our neighbors-the people all around us, just aren't getting by and are living by the skin of their teeth, and that is the "official" number. When the cost of getting by on the very margins of financial survival are factored in, the "real" number is probably closer to one in four, or 25%. Few of us who live in these parts do not know someone-a friend or family member-who is having some financial or economic trouble of their own.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is Kyle On the Outs?

Is Senator Jim Kyle (D-Memphis) about to ride (or be prodded off) into the political sunset?:

Of significant interest, however, to those who follow State politics is the fact that Tennessee Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle (D-Memphis) was among those people who were being considered for appointments to the Shelby County School Board Monday, and Kyle was not chosen by the Shelby County Commission. The fact that Kyle was being considered for a seat on the newly-revamped Shelby County School Board might be seen to lend some credence to the rumor floating around in some circles that the long-time Senator may retire from the General Assembly at the end of his current term, perhaps because his seat is being redistricted as a result of reapportionment and he would find himself in a primary with another sitting Democratic State Senator.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Health Care Reform

If Tennessee and other States really want to address health care costs in a serious way, medical malpractice reform is a necessity:

Every doctor has to employ a staff nurse (or they should), and hospitals have to employ countless people other than doctors and nurses-X-ray technicians, dieticians, kitchen staff, certified nurse assistants-just to name a few. All of these people are worth their weight in gold to a hospital, they work long and odd hours, and they have to be paid and very well. In addition to the aforementioned folks, however, there is the reality that medical practitioners are now obliged to carry medical malpractice insurance policies on themselves that are so high that it would be cost-prohibitive for them to continue practicing medicine if they didn't pass those high costs on to patients.

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