Monday, January 30, 2012

Catholics Unite!

Stacey Campfield should claim religious discrimination after he was thrown out of a Knoxville restaurant because of his political and religious views:

Of course, since this writer believes that a business owner ought to have the right to do business or not do business in the way they might choose, we uphold Ms. Boggs' right to throw Campfield out of her establishment, thereby also losing the business of the compatriots who were with him. We are compelled to ask, however, what the reaction from our friends on the Left would be were the tables turned. What if Campfield were a prominent homosexual rights activist? Perhaps he might an open advocate for so-called "gay marriage," while, in our reverse scenario, Ms. Boggs were a Christian business owner who did not wish to be seen associating with someone engaging in activity she viewed as openly sinful and promoting political and social ideas related to the open sin that were repulsive and contrary to everything she stood for. As a result of this then, she asked Campfield to leave? The so-called "gay community" would be in outrage, they would be filing complaints to the State and federal government, shouting discrimination, and using the made-up word "homophobe" on Ms. Boggs.

The reality is that the Left are the purveyors of the dictatorship of relativism. You must believe as they do and embrace the moral relativism which they have spent the past half-century or more watering down our society with, or otherwise you are unworthy to be treated as a citizen. Dignity then, to the Left, applies only to those who embrace the twisted moral and social universe which the Left has created. 

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