Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Told You So

Remember I told you Tony Shipley and Dale Ford would be exonerated:

Indeed, the evidence that the so-called investigation into Shipley and Ford was really a witch-hunt mounted as then-Health Commissioner Susan Cooper and former legislative aide to the Governor Dale Kelly were dismissed under rather mysterious circumstances. Both of those individuals had a hand in seeing to it that the nurses in question were given their licenses back. The Examiner was able to pose the hard questions to one of those nurses, Bob Reynolds, who put himself at some risk to bring us the truth of the case and of the politicized nature of certain officialdom at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to light. All along, this writer maintained that Reps. Shipley (R-Kingsport) and Ford (R-Jonesborough) were victims of a hatchet job, and were being used as political fall guys for the failure of the Board of Nursing to do its job correctly.

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