Monday, January 02, 2012

Occupy the Rose Parade?

Is nothing sacred to these people?:

Another group of Occupy protesters are set to make utter fools of themselves before a national and worldwide audience. The annual Tournament of Roses Parade is scheduled to get underway this morning in Pasadena, California. The annual spectacle features floats made of roses, a beautiful Rose Queen, and ends the day with the oldest college football bowl game in existence, the Rose Bowl. It isn't remotely a political place or a political event, indeed many of the floats and attractions in the parade are geared toward children. That doesn't seem to matter to the publicity hounds of Occupy. Rather than organize their own event, they are going to sponge off of the hard work of the Tournament of Roses organizers in what they are calling "Occupy the Rose Parade," where the intend to display a giant octopus at the end of the parade route.

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