Monday, December 19, 2011

Haslam and Voter ID

Does he just walk the way the wind blows?:

We understand that in Tennessee, a Governor's veto is essentially worthless, since a veto can be over-ridden by a simple majority in both Houses of the General Assembly. However, Governors have used vetos before in order to make a public statement about their objection to some particular piece of legislation that came to them from the General Assembly. If Haslam has such an objection to the provisions of the Voter ID law, wouldn't the appropriate time to voice those issues be when the bill comes to his desk for his required signature, and he has a public news conference and says "I just can't abide this and I am going to veto it, you all worry about it if you decide to over-ride me?" Haslam didn't do that, in fact he didn't even veto the legislation without public fanfare. What did Governor Haslam do to voice his supposed objections to the Voter ID Law? He signed the bill, and with little public comment.

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