Monday, December 12, 2011

If Not Now, When?

If Tennessee taxes will not be cut now, when will they be cut?:

Despite Haslam's admission that these taxes do not represent long-term good or a pro-growth economic policy for Tennessee, the Governor claims that we can't afford to cut or eliminate them, or for that matter to abolish Tennessee's tax on groceries, which hurts the poorest citizens of our State. Haslam says we are still in an economic pinch and need to conserve every penny, and if these taxes were reduced or eliminated, that neither he nor the General Assembly has a strategy to replace the lost revenue that would result. Perhaps the Governor and the General Assembly need to come up with such a strategy so that these taxes can be cut for the benefit of all Tennesseans. Governments always come up with some excuse why they can't really cut taxes or reduce their size, and at some point when economic times are a bit better, it still isn't likely that either Haslam or a future Governor of either party will be beating the doors to the House and Senate Chambers down to demand passage of a major tax reduction. As is currently the case, a group of legislators will have to take the initiative, and we will again hear excuses from all quarters about why it can't be done or shouldn't be done now.

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