Saturday, January 08, 2011

Man Goes Crazy, Blame Republicans

The Left is busy blaming Republicans for Giffords' shooting:

That unfortunate reality, however, doesn't seem to stop the Left from blaming Republicans and conservatives for the tragedy, despite the fact that one of the shooter's favorite books was The Manifesto of the Communist Party. Instead of uniting with their colleagues in a shared sense of grief at the possibility of the loss of a fellow member of the political community, Democrats and liberals are consuming themselves with using this putrid event as a means to try and achieve their political goals, including increased gun control, which Democratic Members of Congress have been harping on all weekend. Congresswoman Giffords has been a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Read It Out

What if the General Assembly did what the federal House of Representatives has done?:

Members read the federal Constitution in full in the U.S. House of Representatives. How about a Joint Convention of both Houses of the General Assembly convened to hear the Tennessee Constitution read aloud and in full? Members ought to pay close attention to the words "judges shall be elected by the qualified voters..."

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Forrester From the Trees

Tennessee Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester really is just an elitist:

It can be deduced from this kind of response that Chip Forrester is-to use an Arnoldism-a political girly-man who doesn't know how to handle it when he gets a public slap. The loss of the endorsement of the College Democrats and Young Dems does not necessarily doom Forrester, but it does mean that these groups, so vital to future success of a political party, have made it clear that they don't like the direction in which Forrester is taking their political formation. Those groups and their leaders absolutely have the right to let their disapproval and preferences be known.

No political party can survive without active collegiate and youth surrogates, because those groups provide the free labor-the man hours of putting up signs, stuffing envelopes, manning phone banks, walking neighborhoods, and even painting sidewalks (we sure did) that a successful political organization needs to survive.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mr. Speaker Boehner

John Boehner is the Speaker of the U.S. House:

The House is now debating rules that would require some of the highest level of transparency ever known, including making bills available online as soon as they are filed. In a show of the decline of now-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's political capital, 19 Democrats did not vote for her for Speaker, but voted for another member-11 of those votes went to Western North Carolina Congressman-and former Tennessee quarterback-Heath Shuler, one of Pelosi's most vocal opponents inside her own party. Middle Tennessee's Jim Cooper (D-Nashville) was among the Democrats who received an anti-Pelosi protest vote.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Red Light For Cameras

The General Assembly may finally put the breaks on red light cameras-maybe:

The issue of so-called "red light" or traffic cameras may come to a head in the first session of the 107th General Assembly. Several legislators have expressed interest in banning the devices by way of a bill, and sources tell The Examiner that Tennesseans will almost certainly see legislation introduced designed to curb use of the cameras or eliminate them. One freshman member from East Tennessee told The Examiner that a bill was being drafted to ban the devices. "It is my intention to ban the red light cameras," the member said on the condition of anonymity because the bill has not yet been drafted or introduced, "and I am going to try and introduce a bill to that effect."

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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Elephant

The elephant in the closet for the 107th Tennessee General Assembly is going to be health care:

Many Republicans warned that the new federal health care law could cost States untold billions of dollars, and Bredesen, who has a special expertise in the area of health care, was rare among Democrats for his outspoken cries of "foul" as the new law, which many conservatives dub "ObamaCare" was being debated and ultimately passed. Bredesen warned that the mandates in the law could cost States untold billions of dollars, and required Medicaid expansion by 2014 will likely mean that TennCare could be the medical insurance for one of every three Tennesseans.

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