Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Forrester From the Trees

Tennessee Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester really is just an elitist:

It can be deduced from this kind of response that Chip Forrester is-to use an Arnoldism-a political girly-man who doesn't know how to handle it when he gets a public slap. The loss of the endorsement of the College Democrats and Young Dems does not necessarily doom Forrester, but it does mean that these groups, so vital to future success of a political party, have made it clear that they don't like the direction in which Forrester is taking their political formation. Those groups and their leaders absolutely have the right to let their disapproval and preferences be known.

No political party can survive without active collegiate and youth surrogates, because those groups provide the free labor-the man hours of putting up signs, stuffing envelopes, manning phone banks, walking neighborhoods, and even painting sidewalks (we sure did) that a successful political organization needs to survive.

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