Thursday, January 06, 2005

Liberals still don't get it

Just as I was ready to walk out the door this morning, I happened to see Michael Moore on Today. Seeing this man who so many conservatives have come to revile and hearing what he had to say (and yes liberals, I heard Moore out), his comments confirmed something that I have been saying ever since the election: Liberals still don't get it.

Moore actually tried to say that a majority of Americans agree with the left. They want gun control, said Michael Moore (increasingly, polls indicate that they do not), and they are "pro-choice" (again, recent polls show the pro-life side is winning the battle for hearts and minds), Republicans merely won the election based on fear alone.

What people like Michael Moore simply refuse to understand is that Middle America, the great "silent majority," simply does not share their secular, socialist vision of American society. The vision of the left is not rooted in America's constitutional heritage, but is rooted instead in the Godless secularism of the French Revolution, and to a lesser extent, it is rooted within Marxism as well. Middle America doesn't want socialism, nor does Middle America want Godlessness. Until people like Michael Moore and the extreme left of the Democratic Party understand that, it will be a dark night in the political wilderness for their party.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Geiger's a goner

ESPN is reporting that Ohio State Athletic Director Andy Geiger is "retiring," and that retirement will, according to WBNS radio in Columbus, be effective June 30th.

It does make you wonder, doesn't it: Just as possible allegations of booster money, grade padding, do-nothing jobs, and recruiting violations are being brought to light by a former player, that player's Athletic Director retires. Is it retirement, or is it getting out of Dodge?

Trojan war

Well, I formally resolve to eat humble pie and take one sucker pill, because boy was I ever wrong. I really believed Oklahoma could beat USC, because, I believed, the Pac-10 is a weak conference, and Oklahoma's defense is a seasoned one that will overpower Southern Cal's finesse offense.

I hereby eat dirt!

Southern Cal wiped the floor with Oklahoma, and didn't even bother with finesse until the late 3rd quarter when the game was no longer in doubt. The Sooner secondary appeared non-existant, allowing Heisman winner Matt Leinart to throw and be caught almost at will. USC's offensive line protected Leinart, too, and kept Oklahoma linebackers at bay.

Going into last night's game, a whole lot of people thought Auburn deserved a share of the title, but after watching the Trojans demolish a very good Oklahoma team as if they were some Pop Warner stand in, I know who my Number 1 vote would go to if I had a vote in either poll. It pains me to say that, because I do not relish the thought of a Pac-10 team winning a National Championship, but it is a reality. Troy is mighty, and with only two seniors leaving on offense, they'll be back for more next year as well.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The unforgettable Christmas of 2004

In the annals of the History of Christmas, 2004 may go down as perhaps the most bazaar Christmas ever, at least for me. The reason I posted nothing here except my update of December 30th is because a massive winter storm disrupted our lives and our Christmas vacation. My wife and I planned on fixing Christmas dinner for the family since my aunt was recuperating from knee surgery, and we were looking forward to it.

The Almighty intervened through nature, however, and sent a snowstorm through the region that would be largely an ice storm for people in the Newark area. The storm brought trees down, which brought power lines down and caused transformers to explode all over town. Ultimately, the storm kept power out until Sunday the 26th. That meant that my wife and I could not cook Christmas dinner, indeed we couldn’t cook anything. (Fumbling around in a local grocery store in the dark to find something to eat that didn’t need to be heated was a chore.) Ultimately, when we smelled the fumes from a borrowed kerosene heater Christmas morning, we knew it was time to go.

This is why there have been no entries on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks on this blog, but we now return you to our regularly scheduled musings.

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