Friday, December 31, 2004

I am alive and have heat

Regular readers of my weblog will, I hope, forgive the brevity of this post. Most of you who have become regulars to this site know that it is usually regularly updated, often daily.

The winter storm of which I spoke brought a minor calamity to the Newark, Ohio area, and caused a power outage which lasted until the Feast of St. Stephen. I had some Christmas-related material for the blog, but as you can imagine, the power outage prevented me from posting anything as Christmas approached.

We couldn't stick it out all the way through the power outage, so my wife and I left Newark on Christmas Day and headed for a warmer climate. We are presently in Tennessee with her family, so I won't be posting regularly again until after the New Year. I hope to be back to regular postings before the middle of next week.

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