Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making the Carter Administration Look Appealing

So much for hope and change:

News Sentinel columnist Greg Johnson, who can rightly be termed that paper's resident conservative, points out in his column today (which mysteriously has yet to appear online as of this writing) has yet to that the poverty rate in Jefferson County-where this writer makes his home-is an astounding 20.2%. Literally one in five of our neighbors-the people all around us, just aren't getting by and are living by the skin of their teeth, and that is the "official" number. When the cost of getting by on the very margins of financial survival are factored in, the "real" number is probably closer to one in four, or 25%. Few of us who live in these parts do not know someone-a friend or family member-who is having some financial or economic trouble of their own.

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