Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm With Kleinheider

The latest victim of the mainstream press attempt to baselessly pick on conservatives has made Tennessee's most venerable blogger a target:

This writer admits that he has a bias, because like so many bloggers and op-ed writers in Tennessee who have used the internet as a primary vehicle to get their message out to their fellow Tennesseans, and even a national and global audience, he knows A.C. Kleinheider. Before Kleinheider was ever a part of the Lieutenant Governor's staff, he was a blogger first-and was paid to do it. First at Nashville's WKRN, then at the Nashville Post, blogging and aggregating at Post Politics. Kleinheider was the voice of the Tennessee political blogosphere, and no one understands new media the way that A.C. does. Other staffers on both sides of the aisle have admitted that they have had trouble with the lines between State business and the political in positions that are-well, so overtly political.

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