Friday, August 26, 2011


The Memphis City Schools are surrendering their charter:

Some Shelby County School Board members were quick to point out that they were left with little choice in the matter and that suburbanites and county residents felt as though the forthcoming schools merger was entirely forced upon them, and they are right, they've come kicking and screaming. Memphis City Schools is surrendering a State-approved schools charter and consolidating with approval only from Memphis city voters. The Memphis/Shelby County Schools affair should give the General Assembly pause, and cause them to consider a new law. When a chartered school system decides to surrender its charter and absorb into a county or consolidated school district, it should not be able to do so without approval in separate referenda from voters in both affected school districts. No one should feel that their school system must radically change because of policies in a dissolving district over which citizens in the school system of intake have no control.

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