Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Union Label

Tennessee State Representative Gary Moore serving as President of one of the biggest organizations to lobby the General Assembly is somehow not supposed to be a conflict of interest:

Moore says that he will keep his duties as President of the AFL-CIO and as a legislator separate, but admitted that he will continue speaking out on legislation and promote pro-union bills that he may sponsor. In other words, Rep. Gary Moore-President of the AFL-CIO-plans to lobby the General Assembly in favor of his position, but not call it lobbying so that there will be no "official" conflict of interest. Gary Moore is an intelligent man who sees very clearly that hs position as a legislator almost certainly helped him get elected AFL-CIO President, with the unions believing that it is key to have a legislator leading them when so many bills wich they deem anti-union are making their way through the Capitol.

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