Friday, August 05, 2011

"Don't Blame Me-HE Did It!"

It isn't the President's fault-everyone else is to blame but him:

Many of our rural East Tennessee counties are aching for the development that isn't there, and the jobs that citizens used to have-even just a few short years ago. Even Wall Street seems to notice that things aren't getting any better, as Thursday's Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 513 points on the day, in what one observer told The Wall Street Journal was "an absolute bloodbath." A world debt crisis-including continued fears about our own national debt-was one of the factors in yesterday's market nosedive, along with the worsening health of the general economy. One retiree told The Journal that in yesterday's trading his retirement was "going to Hell." As a so-called double-dip recession comes closer to reality, the President, who is no longer able to blame his predecessor for his inability to deal with the national debt or inspire confidence in our currency, has now taken to blaming Congress-in spite of the reality that his own party still controls 2/3rds of the governing apparatus.

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