Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do Your Job, Get Persecuted

Legislators do their jobs and get persecuted by those with a vendetta:

Some observers of the case somehow believe that it was the actions of Shipley and Ford that forced the Board of Nursing to change its initial decision to issue a summary suspension of the nurses' licenses, but an examination of the circumstances shows that a simple re-hearing of the case in an actual hearing room with live members of the Nursing Board present very way may produce a different result, considering that the hearing where the nurses' careers were initially destroyed because of allegations that their negligence lead to the untimely deaths of two patients was held via telephone. Yes, read that again. The charges put forth in the allegations against the three Kingsport nurses were that their actions lead to the deaths of three patients, and such serious charges were weighed over the phone. If it were this writer's career and he maintained his innocence, you'd better believe that calls would be put in to my legislator demanding a live hearing with evidence presented in a room before present members of the Nursing Board. Those are the rights of the accused persons, and their State Representatives were doing the very least of their duties to make certain that the rights of the accused were protected.

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