Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TBI Witch Hunt?

IS the TBI-long dominated-as was the Tennessee Highway Patrol-by those who are loyal to the Democrats who ran this State for so long now conducting witch-hunts against Republican legislators?:

While the TBI won't confirm to media outlets that the two East Tennessee Republican State Representatives are the targets of their investigation, Shipley told The Examiner that he has indeed been contacted by the Bureau. "They [the TBI] contacted me by e-mail and asked if I would meet with their agents, which I agreed to do, and I have offered to meet with them at my home in Kingsport. I don't have anything at all to hide from the TBI or anyone else because neither Dale Ford or I did anything wrong-nothing but the jobs we are supposed to do as legislators." Shipley was quick to point out that various professional boards are authorized under legislative statutes that sunset, so the boards have to be reauthorized by the General Assembly from time to time. "These boards have legislative oversight, and if there is a miscarriage of justice involved, legislators have a responsibility to make that right in the first place, and then to see that someone's basic civil rights are not violated in this way again, which we are actively working on in summer study committee at this time," said Shipley.

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