Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hitting the Ceiling

East Tennesseans feel strongly about the debt ceiling issue:

To believe President Obama, one would think that most Republicans on Capitol Hill are engaging in "partisan rhetoric" and are turning the entire debate over the debt ceiling into one of political opportunism. Since this column is about State and local politics, it is not our place here to discuss or discern what members of Congress from other States are doing, but it should be noted that East Tennessee's Congressmen regularly take the pulses of their districts, and they would not be so willing to take on the Administration to the point of technical default if they weren't so certain that such stubborn resistance is exactly what the majority of people in East Tennessee elected these folks to do. There is, after all, a reason that East Tennesseans do not historically vote Democratic. Sure, we've elected the odd Democrat here and there-Eddie Yokley or Jon Litz, for example-but the occasional Democrat here is a blip on the radar. More of the country came around to our way of thinking in 2010, and now more Republicans are demanding that it should be the Obama Administration that abandons its reckless spending plans.

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