Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Brother's Keeper

We must be reminded that it is we, and not the Government, who are our brother's keeper:

The works of MATS and shelters like it across the State and the Union has to go on, however, and MATS wasn't established as some sponge for government money, but to address a real need. Its Board of Directors are devoted not only to giving shelter to the homeless who need it, but setting them on a path-through life skills and job training-to be productive members of society. This kind of work is rooted in the charity of the Church that we find in Acts 6:1-6 when the first deacons were appointed and anointed. It is right that MATS should ask for an even greater share of help from area churches (who, in fairness, have helped and continue to help the work of MATS and other shelters) and parishioners, but it speaks volumes about all of our collective priorities that MATS is in need of greater financial help because of the loss of a government grant. The end of those monies should have been a bump in the road, not a massive pothole. We have become conditioned to believe that we do not need to care for the poor, the old, the neglected, the hungry, the homeless, or the lonely, because the government will do it. Caring for our neighbor is not the job of government-it is our own job, and is the condition upon which Christ told the Apostles that he would judge all those who profess to believe in Him.

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