Monday, August 01, 2011

Debt Ceiling Hits Home?

Is the debt ceiling deal reached in Washington last night going to be good for Tennessee? We still don't know:

What might such a development mean for Tennessee, where we have had to balance our budget by trying to rein-in health care costs by cutting people from the State's expanded Medicaid program, TennCare? It might drive more people on to Medicaid through no fault of their own, and force Tennessee to foot a large chunk of the bill. Since this agreement actually allows for the President's Health Care Law to take effect on schedule, Tennessee taxpayers might get left holding the bag if one of the end results of this compromise ends up dramatically increasing the Medicaid rolls so that the President can guarantee "universal health coverage." Tennessee's Congressmen should insure in the weeks ahead as the final details are hammered out that Tennessee and many other States are not left holding the budgetary bag for what appears to be as reasonable a compromise as we might obtain in the present political climate.

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