Friday, July 29, 2011

Facing the Music

As citizens, we all have to begin to face the music on the national debt:

To lay the blame on the President alone, however, would be to hide a much deeper problem-we are all to blame for the current fiscal situation, whether we understand that or not. Even if you have never taken a federal grant, loan, or entitlement (and most of us have, in some way, either directly or indirectly-we aren't just talking about welfare and food stamps anymore), your local municipality, county, or school board probably has done so. Our local governments now depend on Washington to fund everything from more police, to school reform and funding, to fire and safety equipment, to recreational grants. As a society, we expect certain amenities from our local and State governments, yet we give little thought to the fact that much of the money for these things comes from Washington. Tennessee often uses federal money to fund many of the prerogatives of State government. Such has become the normal cycle of political life in this country and in our State, but it is not the proper constitutional order of things. States should not be dependent on Washington to sustain them, and the fact that they are is a telling example of why we have a debt crisis on the last weekend of July in 2011.

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