Wednesday, September 01, 2010

He's Coming To Take You Away...

Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist is the Democrats' new boogeyman:

There is another political leader, however, who turns as many stomachs among Tennesseans as Obama-former Republican Governor Don Sundquist, who gave us the last serious attempt to initiate an income tax in this State. So powerful is disgust with Sundquist that Bill Haslam has thus far refused to mention Sundquist's name despite his family's historic support of the former Governor, and is instead attempting to wrap himself in the image of his opponent's father and of the current Governor. Meanwhile, the Democrats are attempting to gain political traction by shouting "Don Sundquist, Don Sundquist, Don Sundquist," as though Sundquist is the boogey man who is coming to a house near you to eat children.

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