Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roe Roe Roe Your Vote

Tennessee's First District Congressman gives an example of why he deserves to be re-elected:

Your Examiner had a conversation with the Congressman this morning. He took the time to return a call-personally-about whether he might be able to attend an event in April sponsored by Conservatives On the Move featuring former White House Political Adviser Karl Rove. What was a routine business call turned into a 30-minute sounding board, and Phil Roe asked everything from the opinion of this writer on the political and electoral situation in Congress to whether the district lines should be redrawn after the census results come in to put all of Jefferson County in the First Congressional District. What was impressive about the phone call wasn't that it was made, it was that Congressman Roe bothered to make it while he was on vacation with his family-the only time all year, he admitted, that he has been able to relax.

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