Friday, April 16, 2010

Bredesen Doesn't Get It

The Bredesen Administration tries to screw farmers and small landowners again:

The biggest expense when you raise your own chickens for eggs is the feed. For new hatchlings, you need chick starter. When a hen first starts laying, it is best to give enriched feed designed to produce sturdier, heartier eggshells. Good feed won't break the bank, but it isn't cheap, either. Until the Honorable Phil Governor and his Revenue Commissioner Reagan "
Run for the Border" Farr started looking for more ways to strafe the wallets of taxpayers in the last two years of Democratic control in Nashville (2006-2008), we could get an an exemption from paying State sales tax for our chicken feed at our local Farmers' Co-op because it was being used in food production. Now we can't because Phil Governor says we don't own enough land that is in agricultural production.

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