Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Latest Pathetic Attempt to Destroy Stacey Campfield

The press has never been a friend to State Representative Stacey Campfield, but now they have sunk to new lows in their desperate attempts to destroy him:

There is one thing that even Stacey Campfield's opponents have been forced over the years is that he works extremely hard, and it is highly doubtful that yesterday's House floor session in Nashville was any exception. Campfield was running late getting back from visiting family in Upstate New York over the Easter weekend, and the Tennessee Legislature does not give an extra day to members, as some other States often do, to return from the Easter holiday. The member for the 18th District wanted to make sure he was on the role as present and could cast the first vote before he moved his car. In the hundred or so years that the automobile has likely been used as a common mode of transportation for legislators, Campfield is very likely not the first one to park his car on the sidewalk quickly enough to run answer a vote roll so that he would not be seen to be shirking his duty to his constituents.

Yet when Stacey Campfield does this, a picture of his car gets splashed on the website of the once-respectable News-Sentinel, now reduced to the status of a supermarket tabloid. The editorial board of the News-Sentinel despises Campfield, along with their friends in both the Democratic Party and the old moderate-to-liberal Republican establishment. Why? Campfield is too common, too ordinary, and too conservative for them.

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At Thursday, April 08, 2010 9:21:00 AM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

No, you are wrong. Rep. Campfield is just like many other people who think that just because of their 'unique' circumstanc es they can ignore simple 'little' laws like parking ordinances. I see it almost ewveryday at work, but then it's not politicians, it's 'work'n men' in hurry to get to the job.
Rep. Campfield screwed up and didn't back in time and got caught thinking himself 'special'.



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