Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle Of the Tims

Tim Hutchison's big problem in the Knox County Mayor's race:

Observing the Knox County race from a bit of a distance, I have been surprised at how little I have heard from Tim Hutchison. Both of these candidates have strong positives-Burchett his years of experience in the General Assembly, Hutchison his years of experience in Knox County law enforcement and dealing with a county government that has often been hostile to him. However, in this election cycle Hutchison seems unable to connect with voters, all monetary issues aside. His very public personal financial problems being splashed all over the News-Sentinel hasn't helped his campaign either. Even that, however, can't alone defeat Hutchison. People unfortunately remember the nightmare of January 31, 2007 and-rightly or wrongly-many Knox Countians blame Tim Hutchison for what happened that day (I understand this as a former Knox Countian with many connections in Knox County). I have always thought that Hutchison was unfairly plastered with much of the blame as part of a propaganda hit by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and his henchmen. Nonetheless, Tim Hutchison's presence in the room that day didn't help his reputation.

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