Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Knox Countians-I am sorry

The people of Knox County ought to know that I am sorry. I watched the Commission meeting and I saw how members worked to fix the process so that folks couldn't be heard. As much as I personally enjoy seeing anyone opposed to Mike Ragsdale get traction (and Tim Hutchison got it today), and I draw pleasure from the knowledge that Mike Ragsdale's panties are in a wad, people are right to question the validity of all of this after the way the Commission behaved today.

I want to remind people, though, that you get the Government you deserve. There was a local election in Knox County in August and you voted for these idiots (some of which won't be serving after today), and many more of you didn't vote at all. If you didn't, don't complain about the problem, you have no right to-you failed to perform your civic duty and exercise your franchise to begin with.



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