Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Oatney Show?

Terry Frank says:

Great job today David...you need your own show!

You have a good radio voice--and of course, you're very informed.

Well done!

First of all, I really appreciate Terry asking me to fill-in. I know she's a busy lady and I apologize for having to wait so late to give her the official "yes" answer. She surmised that I would enjoy doing the show, which I did. I also appreciate Lee's warm hospitality.

As far as my needing my own show, I have felt that way for a very long time. I don't know for sure, but I suspect I may the only host (guest or otherwise) of Tennessee Confidential with prior radio experience. I miss being on the air regularly, and my wife will tell you that I think about being on the air, or what would or would not sound good on the air, all the time.

I'd love to do radio occupationally, I have a real passion for it. Radio is, however, one of the most competative fields that I know of. Just when you think you sound great, there is always someone who has more practice than you and who sounds worlds better. Finding a paid gig is extremely difficult-I know, I've looked for one in four different cities, Knoxville included (though I never put in for anything at the Voice, though I don't think they have any open slots, even non-on-air personnel). I enjoy it so much, to quote Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams, "I'd have played for food money," or I'd do what I did yesterday, I'd go on the air just to be there.

Who knows, perhaps one day I'll have my own show. Until then, I sure don't mind filling in for others, and I especially don't mind writing this blog-writing is the other thing I have a passion for.


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