Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Viva La Migra

The President's speech last night was pretty much what I expected to hear, though not what I had hoped to hear. In the wake of the speech, I feel the need first to clarify my own position on this important issue (which I believe is the position of most conservatives) and then say what it is we should have heard.

I have utterly no problem whatsoever with people from Mexico and Latin America coming to the United States. People of Mexican and other Latin American decent have contributed to the American melting pot in indescribable ways (I think anyone around here will tell you that the best Mexican restaurants in town are not Taco Bell locations, but are owned and wholly run by folks originally from Mexico-that's just one very obvious example), and many Mexican-American people were here before the Southwest as we know it became part of the United States. Many Tejano people distinguished themselves in the fight for the Republic of Texas and proved to be among our country's most loyal and patriotic citizens when Texas and the other Southwestern States joined the Union. However, those people abided by the law of the time in the areas of their lives the change in sovereignty affected, and when our ancestors came to this country, they also did so according to the immigration laws that existed at that time. We ask nothing less of these newcomers then to abide by the law as so many other immigrants have done. What we heard from the President last night did not necessarily give us that outcome.

Putting the National Guard on the border wouldn't be such a bad idea if the Guard weren't stretched so thin in Iraq and Afghanistan-I hardly think 5,000 troops is enough men. Beyond that, what the President proposes to do with the undocumented illegals who are here is amnesty, whether he chooses to call it that or not. There is no real punishment for being in this country illegally under the President's latest proposal; it is just a harder slap on the wrist than the illegal aliens were given before.I am pleased that apparently, if this proposal should pass, there will be greater border enforcement-with the old policy of dumping caught illegals into American society, never to make their court date and never to be seen again coming to an end. However, if this proposal should pass there will not be significant penalties on those illegal aliens who remain in this country and fail to report themselves as illegals. I think if you are here illegally and you come forward and voluntarily report yourself, you should receive the heavy slap on the wrist the President described last night. If you fail to report yourself and are found, you should be held in jail until your court date, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and then departed to your country of origin. In using this method, we can encourage people to report themselves and avoid the greater punishment, and reward their honesty and willingness to respect our laws.

There are many reasons we should protect our border, but we often forget that letting in so many illegal immigrants is not only opening ourselves to a greater terrorist threat, but we are helping to fulfill the goals of the militant La Raza movement, whose goal is to use immigration as the tool to reclaim the Southwest for Mexico. Does that sound a bit far-fetched to you? It doesn’t to members of MEChA, one of the premier groups behind the movement, whose motto is “For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada." Translated it means "For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing."

Perhaps MEChA sounds like a fringe group to you, I know they would to me under normal circumstances. However, if you think MEChA is some small fringe group of high school punks, think again. It is a major national organization with chapters at some of our largest universities. Since many pro-American groups have discovered MEChA’s true intentions, MEChA is now changing their motto and even the story of their existence in order to gain wider acceptance.

There is no move to investigate MEChA or what the organization truly proclaims and practices, even though it smacks of treason, largely because any attempt to do so would likely get the government labeled as racist by the National Council of La Raza.

Do I think that all immigrants from Mexico or Latin America are part of some secret plot to reclaim the Southwest for Mexico? Of course not-such a blanket accusation is ridiculous on its face. However, we are blind if we do not believe that there are those who are encouraging illegal immigration with that purpose in mind, or that there are those among the illegals who share that mentality. They may be a minority, but they are a significant one because they have tremendous influence within Latino circles in the United States.

When we accept and embrace newcomers to America, we must do so with the understanding that they came here the right way, and that their first and only loyalty will be with the United States of America.


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