Friday, May 12, 2006

Howard Dean: We want evangelicals

Howard Dean says Democrats have "lots in common" with conservative evangelicals. Okay, as much as that makes me laugh, I will say that Dean makes the most convincing argument for that fiction (and it is a fiction) as any Democrat I have ever heard.

However, with every word that exits Howard Dean's mouth, he distances himself further and further away from traditional Catholics-once the backbone of the national Democratic Party. It seems our friends in the Party Opposite are content to gain votes by any means necessary, even if that means alienating yet more of Middle America by the day.

Even though I think Dean has made the most convincing talk so far of any Democrat as to why conservative evangelicals (and it is "conservative evangelicals" that he is targeting) should vote for the Other Party, it is still extremely unconvincing. Dean clearly dodges the hard questions and tries to phrase things in such a way as to avoid sounding too much like a flaming liberal. It is almost as if he is now saying "vote for us, we're now Liberal Lite." Rather than saying "we are Liberals, our ideas are better," the Democrats are now content in being Liberal Lite, Liberal Dry, Diet Liberal, Fat Free Liberal, and G-Rated Liberal. This is because if they come out and say how they really feel about the issues that matter to the evangelical community, they will be seen as the liberals they are, and will lose the evangelical vote yet again.


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