Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kevin O'Brien

An old college friend of mine may soon be seeking political office. Kevin O’Brien informed me this week that he’ll be meeting with the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Legislative Caucus to discuss a potential candidacy for the Ohio General Assembly.

This is noteworthy because Kevin, whether he knows it or not, thinks more like a Republican than a Democrat. I went to college with Kevin, and for years I have attempted to make a Republican out of this pro-life, pro-Second Amendment man. Obviously, he refuses to listen to reason…but I will say that we need more Republicans like Kevin, and if there were more Democrats like him, the GOP would have much to be concerned about.

One of the things Kevin and I have come to agree about is the PATRIOT Act, and the way the government has reacted to 9-11. Kevin theorizes that we are operating on politics of fear instead of thinking seriously about the things that need to be done. We agree that these sorts of fear tactics would be used whether the Republicans or the Democrats were in the White House.

Because I personally believe in Kevin, I hope his attempt at election is successful. Fortunately for him, his Republican opponent is Kevin DeWine. Republican DeWine may be, but the DeWine family has not managed to corner the market on good morals in recent times.

O’Brien had better be grateful I have such unbridled faith in him…I don’t go around giving high praise to Democrats very often, it is normally bad for one's health!


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