Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Uh oh...car trouble

I should have known that it would be the case that a Christmas season that has been so fruitful would be disrupted in some manner by something beyond our control. In this case, it has made itself manifest in the form of car trouble.

Our family truck, a Chevy Blazer, had its ball joints replaced back in the spring. We put well over $800 worth of work into the vehicle. Now it is showing manifest signs of what appears to be ball joint trouble again. We had the work done at Pep Boys originally, and we are hoping that if it is the ball joints, it is still under warranty. If the problem is not the ball joints, I hope that it is a problem that is relatively low-cost. Nothing sours the holiday season more than an unexpected cost after you’ve already taken the customary Christmas bite out of your budget.

The Blazer is over at the shop right now. Say a prayer, just in case.


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