Wednesday, December 21, 2005

St. Stan's in schism

All the way back in February, the World had a few things to say about a Catholic parish in St. Louis whose civil board of directors had been placed under interdict by St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke. St. Stanislas Kostka Church is the only Catholic parish in the world of which I am aware that runs a civil corporation apart from the authority of its pastor or its bishop. Both Archbishop Burke and the Holy See repeatedly asked this "board" to submit to rightful spiritual authority in the wake of repeated abuses. Their failure to do so caused Archbishop Burke to place them under interdict and to take their pastor from them, since they refused to obey that pastor, also.

Now this civil “board of directors” has hired a priest who is in schism to celebrate the sacraments for them, which renders some of those sacraments invalid, and is a defiance of the spiritual authority of their Archbishop. Apparently, the threat of eternal damnation is not enough to sway these stiffnecks. Archbishop Burke is very sad about the whole affair.

Read his letter about it.

Thanks to Jimmy Aiken


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