Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tennessee 95, Texas 78

Just a note in celebration of the Tennessee Volunteers' 95-78 basketball victory over Texas (some polls had Texas ranked #4, some had them ranked #6).

One of the differences between my wife and myself is that while she enjoys (and I am obsessed with) college football, she doesn't care at all for basketball, while I love the game. Hence, during this time of year, I often watch basketball games alone.

I have to confess in honesty that I am a life-long Kentucky basketball fan, but since I now call Knoxville home, I really want (and feel obliged) to root for the home team. There's also the idea of wanting Tennessee basketball to be successful after years of mediocrity.

I do think it more than a little interesting that the talking-heads are now all talking about how Texas was over-rated. Since I was well aware before the year began of how good a coach Bruce Pearl is, I think perhaps a few folks need to be talking about Tennessee and how under-rated they are.


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