Friday, December 16, 2005

Election in Iraq

Whatever my personal feelings may be about whether the U.S. should have started the Iraq war to begin with, I can’t argue with what happened in Iraq yesterday. If anything proves that freedom is an unqualified success wherever it is given a chance to flourish, yesterday’s elections in Iraq serve as that proof.

Although I still doubt the efficacy of beginning the war, my doubts about the ability of the Iraqi people to embrace freedom were erased. Even news sources that had anti-war agendas from the beginning were reporting the overwhelming success of Thursday’s vote.

A good friend of mine, Kevin O’Brien, who is a pro-life Democrat, told me back before the war began that he was in favor of invading Iraq, but his reasoning was not the same as the stated reason at the time (weapons of mass destruction, blah, blah, blah). Kevin’s reason for why we needed to invade Iraq had to do with righting a wrong: He said that George Bush 41 had promised the people of Iraq that if they would overthrow Saddam Hussein that the United States would come to their aid. Our failure to do so was a black mark on our credibility as a nation, he said. We owed it to the people of Iraq to do what we promised them we would do in the first place and come to their aid. They had tried to overthrow Saddam, and we promised them some help. Even if the help came 12 years too late, the help needed to come as promised.

I have to admit that these elections lend some credibility to Kevin O’Brien’s thought process, even though I still think the initial invasion was unwise and untimely. The “help” came, and yesterday, the people finally embraced freedom in droves.


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