Thursday, December 15, 2005

If only the Democrats would do something this stupid

We can only hope for the sake of Republican futures in the 2006 Election that the Democrats are as stupid as certain members of the governing Liberal Party of Canada. As regular readers are likely aware, Canada is in the midst of an election campaign, and the issue of child care is one of the hottest issues of the race. More precisely, how should the government go about funding childcare…

This being Canada, after all, the government has to fund it, but where the Liberals and the Conservatives disagree is that the Conservatives would like to give that childcare money to parents and let parents decide how it is best spent, including, but certainly not limited to, parents who choose to care for their own children in their own home.

Well, as we all know, our friends on the left very sincerely believe that the state can better care for your children than you can. The difference between the American Left and the Canadian Left is that apparently the American Left has grown smart enough not to admit this fact in public, while the Canadian Left, ever confident in the collective stupidity of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth Up North, feel that making such statements will publicly benefit them.

Liberal strategist Scott Reid let it be known exactly what it is the Liberals think of this proposal when he said that if parents were given childcare funds, they would not spend the funds on care for their children, but rather would spend the money on “beer and popcorn.” (Now, in fairness to Mr. Reid, we should note that the Democrats here believe American parents wouldn’t send their kids to school with education money, and would opt instead for a national surplus of Orville Redenbacher and Budweiser.)

Judging by the reaction from the photosphere and on the CBC website, parents all over Canada are incensed by these remarks and by the mentality behind them, as well they should be. That kind of thinking is evidence of a “we know what is best for you” Big Brother sort of mentality, which is why parties like the Liberals (and those who think as they do) should be removed from office all over the world.

The comments apparently have done some damage, because Liberal bloggers like Jason Cherniak of Toronto are trying ever so hard to distance themselves from the mentality that people like Reid project, that of a party that is a politically sick animal that needs to be put out of its misery. Cherniak actually thinks Conservative Leader Stephen Harper should apologize! Typical leftist attitude-We screw up, but its still someone else’s fault. We can only hope that the Democrats keep Howard Dean on as Chairman another 12 months, as he will inevitably say something that stupid that the Jackass Party won’t be able to deny.


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